Replacing the Google Fiber Network Box with a UniFi Security Gateway

My journey to replace my Google Fiber Network Box with a Ubuquiti UniFi USG has finally ended in success. Here’s my quick notes on how I did it:

I had the Google Fiber jack Model GFTL110 which is powered by via POE from the original Google Fiber Network Box. Since the USG does not supply POE power on the WAN port, you need to buy a 5v power supply with a Micro-USB connector in order plug into the Google Fiber Jack to power it.

This power supply works to power the Google Fiber Jack:

Ensure USG is setup on the WAN interface for DHCPv6.
For the DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD) use 56.
Set the VLAN on the WAN interface to 2.

That should do it.