Being a serial entrepreneur makes you great at the startup process, but being a pilot I couldn’t help but to create a checklist to help out other startups and entrepreneurs. So here it is:
  1. Establish your company name. Establish the company name with your state, register the Federal Tax ID number.  When choosing a name, make sure there is a domain name available to that makes sense and matches up with your company name.
  2. Register a Domain Name.  I prefer, but you can also use Google Domains for this now.
  3. Setup Email.  I prefer to use Google’s G Suite for this.  Costs about $5 per month, but well worth it for it’s excellent reliability, spam protection, and mobile app integration.  Your domain should have individual emails for all users, plus, emails such as:  info@, sales@, support@, billing@, etc.
  4. Setup a Website.  I like to use a combination of DigitalOcean, ServerPilot, and WordPress.  With one Droplet on DigitalOcean you can easily run multiple websites.
  5. Setup a CRM.  I like open-source here, so SuiteCRM is my CRM of choice.
  6. Setup a Phone System.  Sure you can use your mobile phone, but good luck if you’re trying to grow you business.  Do yourself a favor get setup a VoIP phone system.
  7. Setup an accounting and invoicing program.  I wish there was an alternative that didn’t have a monthly fee, but I still use Intuit QuickBooks for this.